18 June 2011

At a construction site-A photo collective

Today morning, i shot for a while at a nearby construction site. A four story apartment, where construction has been in full swing, was my capture. The contractor, with a team of atleast 20 daily wagers was at the site, propelling them to this day job. On such constructions, which are primarily contracted jobs, the onus lies on the contractor to finish a certain job in certain time, who which he has committed and billed for. Hence, he ensures that he minimizes the cost, by ensuring that the labourers dont waste time talking, and that the rented machinery be kept for least time as possible.
The laborers, a mixed set of men and women assemble for this job. Women, normally do the job of bringing piles of sand, stone and cement to the mixer, wherease men are manning the position which eaither require even harder physical effort or where they are just contractors and keeping a vigil. There are kids of these laborers who come along, and spend a day at the construction site, playing with anything that catches their attention. as soon as the mixer is started, the contractor shouts and all the labourers hurl up with their jobs to fill the mixer.with a run to the mixer and making a full load, when the mixer is stopped, thats when the labourers catch a breath and talk within themselves. a very labourious task, of a daily wager, on the construction site.

1.Two women laborers bringing in load of crushed stone and chatting.
2.the mixer man. he ensures the proper running of the mixer and apt qty of sand, stones and cement.
3. Thirst among the chaos
4. And when the mixer is running, there is no time to talk
5. Not the most happy one, frowning a little.
6. Taking orders
7. Mixer is on again
8. Catching on with some girly talk

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