20 May 2020

Rains and thunderstorms | FREE download wallpaper included

Yesterday we had a lot of rains due to a storm system crossing over the Miami area. As a result of this, it's been pouring for the past couple of days.
However, As the storm-battered down and heavy rains dripped through our glass doors facing the backyards, I just could not resist taking a shot of those water drops and the patterns they formed.

Btw if you are interested I am sharing the link to a full-size wallpaper for your large displays.
Feel free to download and share and enjoy.

Meanwhile, Here is the final resulting Image I posted on Instagram.

and right now it is also a desktop photo on my system currently so I can appreciate the beauty of rains.

my desktop with new wallpaper
My workspace and wallpaper of the photo

and here is the Wallpaper download...

So, if you like this photo and would like to try as wallpaper, go ahead and download this photo from here. 
I would love to hear your feedback on how you like it.

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