26 September 2008

Keeping time

Recently I was scheduled for a meeting for 11:00 am at office. Mind you, this was one of those high precedence meetings, which have an imposing agenda and priorities of no less than saving a planet sort of list. This being one of my latest assignments, I sought after making a remarkable impression.
Life can become a cakewalk when you smile a lot, attend meetings in time, stick to deadlines, follow your work like religion, keep high energy levels, love your coffee vending machine at office . So, bearing this in wits, the prime concern was to get to the meeting and be the torch bearer.
One of the things on my agenda was to dress well, pick up keywords and address the issues in a right and straight way. Peter Drucker says "Efficiency is doing better what is already being done." and I was straight away going for that. I was bingo, at the meeting room ten minutes before the meeting, at the door of the Meeting room and tried to get inside, only to figure out that there was another meeting was in progress there and I have to wait. Not baffled by that, and sticking to my plan, I waited for this meeting to get over and shared the room with my meeting partners.
After the meeting got over, one of the managers coming out gave me a amusing smile which told me "come on, you can pull it on as ever" and while I got into the room, I took a deep breath and reflected at my watch just to keep a tab, which pointed me towards 2 mins before striking that 11 am when all come in. Wondering why no one had turned up, I settled into the chair, a nice cushioned one.
It was a while as I was sitting into the room alone waiting for these two folks to join in, and checking out the room and its decor. I was beginning to get aggravated with the delay and I missing out on my coffee for the sake of this meeting, but then you lose some, you win some... it was this 11:15 when I lost it and left the room, only to discover that the folks who were supposed to be joining in for the meeting were stuck in the traffic driving to the office and they had completely forgotten to check their calendars and this meeting details. Nodding my head, moving towards the cafeteria, realizing that all management talks and trains people about keeping their time but fails to instill this habit and probably everyone ends up keeping a watch, instead of keeping time.

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