23 July 2013

5 reasons, you (companies) are scared to adopt to social media! Isnt it!

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While the large corporate houses and leading companies have made best and worst(read gone wrong) of social media, and companies continue to bring in more an innovation into social media circuits, there are a lot, who are waiting on the sidelines to dig deeper. I am not talking about have a 'Facebook' share/like page on your website pages, but much more imbibed social media and engagement.
Some of the key reasons where companies, are not really diving in are:
  • Where to go?: We added Facebook, twitter sharing links to our product detail pages, or offers which we have been running. what else needs to happen? which are the other areas to explore? should we use a paid service to push content to social media sites? do we use a digital strategy company? 
  • Full time engagement or do it on the sides? : Another of the dilemmas is that do we need to setup a full department for the social media engagements or can it just be done as a one time gig and we are done. there are multiple models being followed, and answer to this will depend upon the question of what your roadmap is.
  • Who are we targeting?:  Not knowing your target audience can be a big problem. It is like trying to sell bikini in Alaska. Where do your target customers congregate, what do they like to do, etc will help drive initiatives correctly, and this again creates a big nerving point for companies.
  • How to make best use of social media for their business? : The next question for some of the companies who start venturing into the social media frenzy is, what to do with social media. you have few plug-ins installed, trying to connect up with every social media network which is coming up, but is that the best foot forward?
  • Can't see any ROI or benefit in terms of getting into social media side? : Some businesses who have started with reasonable social media marketing, fail or don't know how to really measure the efforts being put in, and the results being brought up. this discourages further investments, apart from the fact that they keep hearing about social media everywhere around.
With some of the key points highlighted, do tell us, if you know of any other reasons why companies hesitate to make investments in social media?
Are you as a company executive, going through the same? if so, then drop us a word at ceo@ewireconsulting.com and we are happy to help, and talk about it.

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