26 July 2013

live blog feed from roadtrip- day 1 of bangalore-vellore-kanchipuram-tirupati-bangalore

Welcome to my live feed blog where I willfantastic ic Welcome baexperielovedirectly from the road and places I go around the leg of the journey from Bangalore - Vellore - Kanchipuram-Tirupati- Kanipakkam-Bangalore.

26th July:23:47 pm- just finished the preparation. Camera battery n gadgets charging. Packing all done. Not feeling the best since morning due to light cold n fever but hoping to get through it. Target to start from CV Raman nagar at 5 am and beat any traffic. Vehicle fueled up n all set. See you in the morning.

27th July:10:16 am- Reached and checked into GRT Samera, Vellore. beautiful hotel for the place. Rooms are crisp, though the fittings and few things probably are not upto the mark. Check-in was not quick but good. the staff seems very courteous and the overall feeling of the hotel is very contemporary.
We started late as usual. from the target of 5 am, we could only push back, or should i start, rev engines by 6 am. the drive was smooth through the way. Especially after the turning from Krishnagiri, towards Chennai, the roads gets much better. the only down side is that they are building lot of flyovers, so there are multiple diversions, but extremely well labelled, and cordoned off. i was very happy with the amount of information display.
We had taken a brief stop over at A2B for a great cup of tea on the road. More updates soon.

On the road. tamilnadu roads are beautiful. the weather has been nice to but the mercury is expected to rise to 37 degrees during the day.

Diversions on the way

Typical tea cups of A2B, though the amount of tea is a little less for my taste. loved the aromas. had some hot vadas, at A2B as well, which were sumptuous.

another beautiful stretch

Weather is so beautiful in bangalore that going out bangalore and expecting better conditions look difficult. clouds looming over the highway.

Leaving Bangalore

11:30: Grt sameera. Decent siZed rooms. Well equipped to handle all types of customers.took a short nap and now refreshed. Should start for sightseeing now. First should be the fort.
Grt rooms and usage of local art work is fantastic and refreshing.
2:46 pm: visited the fort and the jalakanteshwara temple. the temple was closed and re-opens at 3 pm. The fort was uneventful. Absolutely. On the periphery the walls and water surrounding it is there. Apart from that There Is nothing much really happening. Also it was quite warm for everyone.
walls of the fort and the path way.
watch points of the fort.
view of temple from the fort.
Lunch at GRT Samera. sumptuous buffet. absolute recommendation.
4pm: left for the temple again. While the fort was a dissappointment the temple wasnt. A beautiful temple with some interesting sculptours to be seen.we spent around 2 hours exploring and appreciating the temple. 65 various forms of shivas is interesting. below is photo of the parvaty, deity of the temple.

27th July: 6pm: we drove and reached sripuram golden temple. Its a little far from the main vellore cenrer point approx 8 kms. The mobile phones, bags etc are not allowed at the temple. Even shorts at not allowed. I was wearing those so i 'rented'  a lungi for 30 rs, for the visit.
28th july. 7 am: Good morning. Breakfast and 7:55:  news paper.
newspaper delivered.
buffet at GRT samera.
28th july: 9:05: checked into grt regency, kanchipuram. Nice hotel. Not that contemporary as grt sameera, vellore but still worth a stay.

I couldnt continue updates for two reasons. the blogger app really sucks, when it comes to updating or formatting content. i also had a packed schedule with lot of driving around making it difficult to continue updates.
watch out for the travel tips, and report coming frward with lots of pics.

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