16 July 2013

The Capitol building in Black & White: Visiting Washington DC- Part 1

Washington was an amazing experience. I Travelled there from new jersey during month of March and stayed there for a day. This trip was mainly motivated by the historical richness carried by washington and its museums, and all the landmarks. The Capitol building, First of the spots which i visited on this beautiful morning, which was much lesser chilly then the week, and much more sunnier. The historical details and the official working, of the capitol is easily available here. I for one, was especially intrigued by the detailed artwork, the marvel and majesty of the architecture, and over and above the upkeep of the complete city monuments. stupendous job of keeping them spik n span.
 The weather and the contrasting skies, motivated me to keep the photos in monochrome format, and i loved the output. Do tell me how did you like them? how has been your experience visiting DC and Capitol. Will be uploading more photos from my DC trip soon.

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