22 July 2013

Some Agile best practices which you didnt know or didnt appreciate & short articles

Previous week, i concentrated on agile, and celebrated 'Agile week' where i wrote an article a day on Agile methodology and shared some best practices.
We started with agile 101, where we explored some of the basics of agile and its formatting and importance. We continued to explore differences between the standard way of looking at the projects, through the vision of iron triangle, and how it is becoming much more customer centric by additional dimensions into agile triangle.
One of the challenge which i have noticed multiple times, was talked through, when i wrote about some of the issues which one needs to be watched out for, when agile methodology is being chosen.

I also took the argument further by exploring possibilities of doing agile methodology implementations when dealing with fixed bid pricing, and finally we looked at the components and best practices around daily standup meeting, and some of the 'dont's' to make you run better and leaner.

Hope you found these articles useful. drop me a word if you want to explore more, in terms of setting up agile practice for the new team which you might be planning to form, or some type of coaching for your team.

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