26 July 2013

Getting ready for the road trip & Live blogging from road

Well the trip is round the corner and I am excited about my live blogging concept, for two reasons.
I haven't done it before and secondly it is a great feeling tbloe to write experiences from the 'place'.
Of-course I will do a proper trip report with photographs etc but on the go will try to give you major updates from the roadtrip perspective and some pics as possible.
I will be covering around 650 Kms during this loop.
Gear for this purpose:
  1. Blogger app on my reliable Samsung s2 over my 3g connection and its nice camera. Hopefully during the trip it should work well.
  2. My official photography gear- my canon 400d with 11-16 tokina, 50 mm and 70-200 f4l lenses.
Keep a watch on the blog. This post is being written over the blogger app which seems to be working ok right now.
I will be starting a new thread for each of the days so keep reading and checking back.

PS: i want to make a special mention about the information that i gathered on the road conditions especially towards tirupati and for this trip, i am really thankful to theautomotiveindia forums and folks around there for helping me out.

Share any Any advice, words of caution-any of your favorite stopover points, any favorite songs for the drive, or any observations which could be useful.
The live blogging is happening here


  1. Wow! Sounds awesome!!! Looking forward for your trip details and pics!! :)

  2. thx. you can follow the trip here.


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