19 July 2013

incredible india: Somanathapura- an enchanting temple, and an intricate story: Part 1

One of the weekends, we drove down to somnathapura temple, which is quite close to mysore. we were visiting mysore, and while on the return, we returned via somnathapura temple. the intricate details of carving, and over all the condition in which the temple was, left us impressed. we spent close to 4 hours, observing every close bit. The guide took us around and made us aware of such works, and such specifics, that as visitors, we wont have any clues about it. I am going to publish photos from somnathpur temple in series of 5 posts. keep a watch, and enjoy the photos.
wall from the inside of the temple, with beautiful light making for lovely patterns

One among the many lotus flowers on the ceiling of the temple. the various stages of this flower's blooming is shown by the artist.

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