12 July 2012

Bangalore Rains-Photos

This year, it hasn't been raining a lot in Bangalore. Infact, everyday, clouds hover around and give lots of hope, but seldom do they really drench the thirsty soil. The above image, is what i choose in relation to current situation and i title it 'longing'.

 But things have not been so bad always. Bangalore, comes up alive when it rains, and it is a great time to shoot some pictures as well. the roads are well, the city with lot of trees, feels much greener and it looks more romantic then ever before. Remembering last years rains, i choose some photos to show and share the feel of Bangalore rains. It brings back memories, good times and hopes.

Clicked somewhere in a park in ramamurthy Nagar, while going out shooting with a close friend. one of my favorite photos. (year 2011)

Clicked in lalbagh on a day, when it had just stopped raining.-(year 2010)

Clicked in my balcony when a brief spell of rains came, but soon disappeared to a sunny day(year 2012)

Drop, about to fall off a dry branch.  (year 2012)

Remembering good times. just as it stopped raining.  (year 2011)
(All the photos on this post, can be used on the internet for any material representations. two conditions- you can not manipulate the images and secondly you have to link the images back to this post, by giving credits)


  1. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Nice pictures. Can I save it?


    1. hi ashok. i am glad that you liked the photos.
      you are welcome to save those, but not to use for any commercial purpose without permission. you can also use them online for your purpose, but please link the image back to this post, and also credit the image below it.
      and dont forget to share the blog across.


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