25 July 2012

Mysore place- the magnificent and most tourist-ed place

Being in bangalore, its almost impossible that one would not have visited the timeless beauty, the Mysore palace. At a distance of 140 Kms odd, mysore city is never too far away for bangaloreans. I have been to the palace many a times now. Once it was first time for me too, but later it became a place to take around guests and family for outings. I don't plan to write about the details of the palace and other things from the history. That's not my forte and also, there are neumorous articles written on it. Read more about the palace here.

Mysore palace, Mysore reaching the top spot for the most popular tourist attraction in India, itself stands for it. Lonely planet, counts the palace among the top 31 places on the globe to be visited.

While, i have taken a lot of shots, i would leave you with some photos, and some tips for the visitors to the mysore palace. Hope you have a good time.

Tips for the visitors to mysore palace:
1. For people travelling by cars, i have noticed them, parking cars in the near by markets, to come to the palace. Well, this is a no brainer, the palace has a huge parking right at the entrace, which is great for long time parkings.
2. If you are visiting the palace over the weekend, see if you can stay or plan your visit around Sunday evening. from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm on sundays, the palace comes alive, like no other thing. the palace walls hold around 25 lakh bulbs, which are switched on, and it is a visual treat to see that. During Diwali, Dashera and other major festivals too, the palace is lit up, which you dont want to miss.
3. The main palace offers a great tour to the insides of the palace, and its a visual treat. Though, photography is banned inside. the irony is, that while inside, you would notice, almost everyone taking photos with their phones, in front of the security personals. This has been a very odd situation, but thats how things are. I would suggest, please be cautious and if possible dont click. atleast someone needs to be following the set rules.
4. Inside, while taking the tour, you would notice that there are lot of signatures and dirty notes handwritten by people visiting and touring. Where the security people are there to deter people, this is our responsibility too. It is not going to make your love story remembered for ever, if you try to do something silly like that. Rather deter others, who may indulge in this. Remember, these palaces and sites of national heritage, are our responsibilities as well.
5. After the main palace's tour, most of the people go towards the cauvery store for shopping and move ahead. Dont forget to check out the smaller summer palace at the back. The entrace of it, is just next to the exit of the main palace, with a separate ticketing available.
6. If you are accompnaied by a foreign visitor/friend, then the recorded handsets are available in multiple foregin languages, free of cost. Just you need to deposit an ID card. THis is excellent option and gives a great tour of the palace.
7. Cauvery store inside the palace, is a great place to shop some famous and authentic karnataka stuff-be it the wooden handicrafts, silk sarees, perfumes or thousands of articles up for grab. Do find some time for it.
8. Although inside of the palace, photography is prohibited, in the outside area, feel free to make most of it. For camera, a sepearete fee has to be paid. WIth the foreign visitor, the fees are almost 10 times or 20 times the fee an indian pays. Same is true with the entry fee at both the points. I am sure this is lot of revenue for the tourism department, but somehow i didnt like this idea.
9. There is a cloak road inside the palace, just next the entrance, for those who are carrying stuff, and are on the move.

Hope you find those tips useful. Enjoy the photos!

Mysore palace, in a side view. My favorite photo of this majestic palace.

Another side view, covering the garden around it.

The front view of the palace. you would see during the palace tour, the public hall and how this place, shows through the inside.King's view of everyone in the crowd.

Another heart-throbe of this palace. the roaring lions. many of these are situated through the outer compounds of the palace and you can see people doing funny things to them.


  1. We went to Mysore palace 2 years ago. It was beautiful.. your pictures are so stunning :)

    1. thank you tes. indeed, mysore palace is very beautiful and so is the whole of mysore. we had a good time, and its a treat to visit mysore at any given day.

      thanks again for liking the content. do share if you have any feedback for me, for now you have been fairly well seen my blog and different posts.

      looking forward to your inputs to improve things. keep blogging and visiting back.

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