28 July 2012

Growing up is fun

Growing up is fun. These are my daughters shoes, which she has outgrown so fast. she is just 2 years, and 3 months.
When we go out shopping for her, i am always lost in the frenzy of options available for kids these days. Beautiful and soft clothes, colors which probably you would never wear as you grown up. World is your play ground. You do whatever you feel like doing, and you wear what catches your eye. Do the colors match, does everyone approves of what you are wearing, do the dress and shoes go along well! these questions would not even cross your mind.
Growing up is fun! but i say, if i could turn back the time, and get back to my childhood, it would be even more fun.


  1. Priya5:57 PM

    In love with those shoes :-)

  2. thank you priya! my daughter outgrew those, but we got almost identical pair for her, since she loved them so much.


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