29 July 2012

Association Of People With Disability-Indiranagar

Are you someone who loves greenary, keeps plants in their balcony or home garden?  Or are you someone, who has been wishing to start this as a hobby. If so, here is a suggestion. Do visit society for disabled in indiramagar, if you haven't been there yet. Believe me, you would be blown away by this place.
The place houses huge variety of indoor/outdoor plants, trees, shrubs, water plants, ornamental plants,bonsais, medicinal as well as herbs. The options are endless. 
It's a huge property, and extremely well kept. I have been thoroughly impressed with this place, since the time i first got to know about, around 5 years back. I have made it my habit to go there for all my plants buy. All the persons who help you choose plants, load them in your vehicle, are disabled individuals. They also are the ones who maintain this place. I am sure, this gives a sense of equality and self-dependence to all the persons who work there. Even when you offer to pick up your stuff, they still insist that they can load the plants in your car.

About the pricing, this is best place i have seen. Much better than those road side nurseries, where you are offered the plant at thrice the price and hence either you bargain or pay through your nose, unless you know the chap. At this place, everything is labelled with price, and believe you me, they have the most reasonable prices, atleast as i have seen around bangalore.

Here is the address for the interested people. On most national holidays, its closed, so i recommend you call before you head out, but a must visit place.

Association Of People With Disability
No.3, Near Horticulture Training Centre, 9TH B Main Road, 10th Cross, LIC Colony, Jeevan Bima Nagar, Bangalore - 560075

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