10 July 2012

Punjab fields- A photo treat

On a recent trip to my hometown, I took sometime out and went out the fields. Since childhood, i have always loved being in the green cover around. And now, when I dont live in punjab, whenever i visit back home, I ensure to wander out in the open.  The greenery around is always so peaceful to the mind. from the hustle bustle and deadening lifestyle of the metros, its always such a relief to be able to breath fresh air. A small feast of photos from the land of five river. Enjoy!

A Green field! Little overcast skies. it was delight.

Paddy fields soaking with water. A close-up.

Cycle in the field. I worker, calling it a day, and runs off to the motor, before leaving.

Sarson fields in full bloom.
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  1. So beautiful and serene :)

  2. dear tes,
    thanks again for liking this photo compilation. i have always been in love with the greenery and the colors of my land. Just that i get to spend much less time there now, but thats why photos are there :)
    keep visiting and dont forget to share it further.


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