16 July 2012

Colors of KR Market, bangalore

Markets in India are a very different place. For millions of people, this is their place of work. They get everything to the market, sell and earn their living. There are a number of businesses attached to these markets, also to earn their lively hoods. Someone, like a lorry driver, a rickshaw puller, who would ferry the goods to the market from nearby lane, or a bogie of a train which just arrived with the goods or via road from a neighboring state. On the other side, there are consumers. Lots of people visit the market place because they want to buy and fulfill their needs. A similar chain of people is associated with the buying aspect. Some are retailers, who buy from wholesale markets and make their living by selling them in stores and shops. Some try to be smart, and for personal use, buy out of bulk markets.
Whatever be the permutation or combination, sale, or purchase, its a busy market, mundane and hardcore job for the ones who are here all the time.

But, there is often another perspective. 
A photographer's perspective! 
Something, which a camera helps view, through its eyes. Now, to a person who works here, its usual mundane workday, but to a photographer, there are multiple aspects of a place. Here in this essay, I take you to one of the busiest and happening markets of Bangalore, KR market. This market is famous for its flower trading, and it's amazing to see, how this market comes alive in the early hours of the day, with hundreds and thousands of kilos of flowers are sold every day. I would want to share and show a perspective of this place. to see another perspective, captured from the same place, in B&W, check my previous post here.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. Please do comment and share. I would be glad to hear from more people.
A bag, full of various flowers, lies around the corner. As I made my way in, I have looked around, and it was seeping in, as to how chaotic but still organized in its own way this place was. Everyone came with their bags. the buyers with empty ones, the sellers, with packed ones, depending on what level of selling capacity they had. Small sellers, would have few kilos and 'Malas' of flowers on sale.
A bike, with flowers, loaded on it. As I had been roaming around, I noticed this bike with flowers loaded. apparently, the person who was buying this must be a retail shop owner, and hence the quantities speak for themselves.  Notice, the slippery road, and then the green shrubs lying on it. A very contrasting sight.
Another very interesting aspect of KR market is that all the market comes together while these trades are happening. No nook or corner is left untouched by the flowers and the trade. See how, the businessmen have used the railing across the pedestrian, and all the fresh flower garlands are hanging by it. The variety, colors and rich smell is just too much. 
Flowers on sale. There are a lot of vendors who sit by the side of the street which leads to the inside of the KR market and make a sale. The bamboo 'Tokris' and large sacks are used to house the sale for the day.
This is one of the most interesting compositions in my eyes. the pinkish saree, with golden bangles, with a blue handbag to save the money, while she sits among the white and pink flowers on a sky-blue mat. I also feel that this shot, also comprises, beauty and culture in the dressing up, colors by the dress, bangles and the flowers and also a feel of the marketplace, from the just sold flowers by the remains of flowers on the mat and by her searching through her money hand bag. 
One of the most popular sales, which is mixed flowers, especially for temples and weddings. a vendor mixing flowers in a bamboo basket with her hands.
Selling in wholesale. As I entered insides of KR market, shops, which deal in bulk could be seen. there are flowers which are selling everywhere and in a much more organized manner. in contrast to the small scales used for business by the vendors outside the KR market, inside there were scales, which could measure hundred of kilos of flowers. the arrangements were much more elaborate.
A close-up of a marigold flower basket, or commonly known as 'Genda phool'. This is probably the most popular flower as I know. A very sturdy flower, with an amazing smell, finds usage everywhere. Be it a marriage ceremony, where the garlands are being prepared, welcoming a minister, decorating cars and beds, final procession when some leave the world or be it in the feet of the almighty. This flower can be seen everywhere.
KR market also offers a view from the top of the market. after you enter the market, you can climb a couple of floors to the top and the view of this crowded and busy place is very different. the flower smell may be much lesser, but perspective change. the patterns of arrangements, which are not visible on the ground, can be seen now. How artistically the flowers are kept, can be appreciated now. also, you can also notice, how a small number of leaves and petals, lying on the ground here and there, appear from a different perspective. I truly enjoyed it.


  1. such vibrant colors... awesome dil khush ho gaya early morning... main kabhi nai gayi hun yaar!

    1. thank you swati. not many interactions with the blog happening yet, so glad you dropped by.
      i think you should plan to go and check out the place. take the mysore road route, and you would not miss the KR market on the way.

  2. I heard about this market for so long now and really wanna go there. Next time we head south, this will definitely be my stop :) Thanks for sharing :)

  3. hi dear tesathome,
    thanks for liking the post. definitely, whenever you come down, you can give me a shout and i can help reaching to this place too.

  4. Priya5:40 PM

    Wow!! Loved all the pics.. My company bus passes thru KR Market daily n i get to see these colors daily :-) i always wondered if i could alight and click some pics.. Seeing these pics made me feel sooo happy :-)

    1. thx priya! glad that you could relate to this and appreciated the photos.

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  6. Thank you sandeep. i am glad you enjoyed and liked it.

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    1. thanks Ranjan for your comment..

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