08 July 2012

The Big Banyan tree-Outskirts of bangalore

Well, most of the times, I drive around over the weekend and find some different place, but this was a little out of routine. There was a client cum friend visiting india, and on a Sunday, i decided to take him around. We plan to head out to Mysore, and in between i decided to show him the ever famous 'Big banyan tree' on the outskirts of bangalore.
I remember,during my trip to florida too, while i was touring the Jupiter lighthouse, the guide did mention that the largest banyan trees were in india. Boy, i was proud of the mention. well, first some logistics and factual information. 1. The biggest banyan tree is not the one you have in bangalore. the biggest, is in fact in calcutta. the one in Bangalore comes #2. 

  Reaching there: 
1. Head out towards Mysore from bangalore. 
2. Watch for rajeshwari engineering college on the highway(NH-17). After the institute, watch for the 4 way crossing. the marking is clearly marked for big banyan tree directions, so, you would not miss it. 
3. Take right at the crossing. From the highway, if i am not wrong, its shouldnt be more than 10 kms from here. The straight road would take you directly to the big banyan tree.

The place:
The place used to be famous, but nothing much left here. the whole tree circumfrence has a park kind of enclosure. A guard is there, who is to ensure that people dont misuse this place. I definitely felt that the place was well kept, but could do with a little bit of help and upkeep. 
The tree is huge, but portions in the middle have died off, making it more look like collection of trees, though paying attention you can easily envision the complete expanse of it. There are benches around to sit, which are well done, and painted. A small temple in the middle, which whenever i have visited, is closed. may be opens in the morning during 'puja' times only. 
You can also get a view of ISROs facility, which is a little distance from there, from the park itself.
With kids, you would surely have some fun, since there are lot of monkeys here.

What to do:
1. Not much to do here, after the initial feel of such a tree seeps in. Earlier when i had visited this place, the tree was literally out in nowhere, but now, there is a full-fledged market here. There is a bus stand here and hence, a commercial surrounding of a village. Its more of a one time visit place, and better done while on the route to Mysore or returning from Mysore. Doesn't require more than 30 mins of your time, unless you are a person researching on old and huge trees.
2. The other option is to carry on to Manchinbelle dam. the same road continues further to the dam, which is one heck of a birding place. read my travelogue here.but , please remember, recently Manchinbelle dam has been declared closed for visitors coming for photography, visits etc. hence, please use your own thoughts as you plan to go further. The roads go through very peaceful and scenic field roads so i would still take a drive, if i am just driving to the big banyan tree.

Ok, here are some photos for you! enjoy. do share your thoughts. have you been there recently! did you like the place. any other places nearby, which i am not aware off.

(NOTE: All the images here, can be used on the internet, for any posts or illustrations( but without any retouching). The only condition is that you need to give credits and link back to this post)


  1. nice pics and good step's to reach the great Baniyan Tree .

  2. thank you omie. we definitely miss you around. when you are here, lets plan to explore some place.
    keep visiting back, and do share the blog.

  3. Really your post was really helpfull to me ,When we saw br hills forest,we scared so much..while journey .....But it was very different and interesting experience of life.Its feel me like i m the member of the village...Food ...were very tasty Br hills Resorts


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